The Wensart Story

The Wensart “blog thingy” becomes active from Oct 1, 2014.  I thank you in advance if you are still reading this. And if you finish it…I think I really like you. if you come back and follow the story, you reach legend status.

I would like to share some of my story – not because you need to know, but just because I like to talk and to write. Maybe you will even enjoy it 🙂

You might even get out of doing the dishes if you get engrossed.

Tonight is a really good time to start this actually…I am feeling a tad emotional this week, oddly enough. Maybe its something to do with the anniversary of meeting my “soul mate” as I thought at the time (I usually forget these dates but not this year for some reason)…or the anniversary that trust was taken….or maybe its because its my 45th birthday, although I am looking forward to cake….or maybe I am just a little tired from my full time job as well as the Wensart business and being mum…or maybe I just need a good sleep!! Regardless, I cannot wait till I knock off work tomorrow and have 6 days off.  You little beauty.  I have been to a canvas sale.

A contradiction of terms but I am so happy with my lot in life, and yet I have shed a couple of tears the last day or two. And again tonight when I came home from work to dinner prepared by my kids (as they usually do when I am doing my 8x10hr shifts)…..and a roll of fabric delivered to my door….6m of printed lyrca…and 18m of printed chiffon….MY lycra….and MY chiffon.  I had tears in my eyes, which silently escaped when I opened the parcel roll and began unrolling the fabric on the table. The feel of the beautiful, soft and dreamy chiffon….the sensational touch and brilliance of colour of the shiny lycra….and it was something I had created. Sure, I didn’t make the fabric…I didn’t print the fabric…and I will not be sewing the fabric (I actually would like to sell my work!)…and I won’t be uploading images or fiddling with the website, nor even adding this blog!…thats got something to do with it needing to actually happen before I turn 50, (I am not that great technically)….but I painted a painting…I took a selective photo of the right angle and light and composition….and I played with the resolution and checked out possible pattern repeats….and I decided whether or not a particular painting had a possible chance at becoming a fabric print…and THERE it was….laying out on my dining table.  Can you feel proud of yourself without boasting? I am.

And not because I am clever. Or overly talented. Or gifted. Or a business brainiac.

But because I am following my heart. Because I have a desire and a passion and I am going to give it my best shot to chase down that dream and make it reality.

This is getting a little too deep!! And not a glass of wine in sight!

I don’t sit still for long, unless painting or doing road trip, or watching Game of Thrones…and I don’t stay “less than excitable” for long either…you caught me in  a vulnerable moment…hahahahaha….and I pray you stay with me on this journey…it should be a good story…


It’s Sunday night… I am supposed to be in bed asleep… But I needed to say hello! And to say thank you to my peeps for sorting out this blog thingy! Thanks Becca and Jared 🙂 You realize once I start talking/writing…. I can’t stop… Except now… I have to go to work in the morning… Xx