Time stands still for no-one

Let me introduce myself properly….My name is Wendy, and I am an artist. I am also a mum, and I supplement my art business with being a nurse.

I have been painting for many years and have always been “creative”. Well I think so.

I know so 🙂

Whether it was on furniture, canvas, shoes, teapots, pots, plates, fabric, old ironing boards (that timber is really nice to paint on!)…or even those little country craft signs about family or having fat friends so you look skinny…I would paint on it. I even made myself a little sign that said if it doesn’t move – paint on it. I sent QANTAS a suggestion that they should look at my designs…I believe they are getting back to me 😉

This has been my hobby for many years, amongst others, but this is also my passion. Its my soul, and besides the written word, its how I express what I have inside. And now, after years of trials, mistakes, some successes, praise, criticism, I believe I have arrived at the start of the next stage. When I no longer have to supplement my income. Don’t worry Boss, I am not resigning…but I need you all to know that my art business is where I belong, and where I shall be. Very soon.

Original paintings. Limited edition prints. Chiffon scarves/wraps/caftans. Possibly fabric on canvas wall art. For the quilters – fat quarter bundles. Painting workshops in my home. Inspirational travel and philanthropy. This blog and more. So much more. My head is a spinning wheel.

Whilst I have all the time in the world to not rush, do this properly, in my time….(I need to make a little more time for that roses smelling – cue epsom salt bath in the next couple of hours – look at me setting goals!!!)…..I don’t have time to sit around and wait for “my lucky break”. I am going to make that happen. I don’t need a knight in shining armour to end my money worries. I am doing that myself. I have my own armour thank you very much. Its got paint on it.

Time stands still for no one.

3 thoughts on “Time stands still for no-one

  1. Suzie Cheel says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging, look forward to seeing more of you art

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