That was far too long between blog posts! Caravan! Artist Life! Lots to tell!

Absolutely ridiculous about the length of time since I last blogged. For someone who likes to tell stories its unforgivable!

Right now…I am sitting in Dolly the Freedom Caravan… who is towed by Aragon the Trusty Ford Ranger …and I am in Goodooga, NSW…for a week of painting and connecting to country…before Dad and I head off to practice some more bump in/bump outs with the caravan!

I have been doing a lot of different paintings…mixed media, dabbling in watercolours, playing with painting on silk…so much going on in my head!!!!

Why am I out in Goodooga? When did I buy a caravan? A 4WD? What about my nursing job?

This can be one of those movie type deals…I will rewind back a few months…tomorrow 🙂 IMG_2911.JPG r:s


Pathways…let me tell you about mine…

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