Those stars at night…

So I am sitting in my caravan, outside the house of family, down “the Camp” (reserve) on the outskirts of Goodooga….The night sounds of crickets/cicadas….and the radio in the shed up loud…my hosts never turn it off, as it keeps snakes away due to its position against the tin of the shed and the vibrations that causes… they swear by it and I am ok with that!!!! Ain’t nobody got time for being scared of a big brown snake out here! Besides.. Poppy and Tilly, my cheeky Jack Russell offsiders, would have a great time with a snake..perhaps.

Everyone is bunked down for the night…I have just down the last doggy wee wee walk….and spent time just looking at the sky. Its oh so vast…its magnificent and I just wish I could photograph it exactly as it is…alas my talents are not at photographing the night sky.  The Milky Way is amazing..and you only seem to see it with the naked eye when you are in the outback… I always wondered how do you see it when we are technically in it? Anyway I digress.

I was looking up at the wondrous sky..the stars…and had a flashback to my teens…and the words that came into my head were “this is the sky of my childhood”…the place of and the sky under which..(not theoretically, but romantically at least!) I had my first real kiss…the many nights of walking and strolling in this place and how long ago that seems now! Like another life…another time..was it another me? Its a lovely nostalgic feeling, and its only purpose I guess is that its a happy memory. Not sure what brought it on, I have looked up at that sky many a time, as we all have.

Was a very different feeling 2 nights ago…I wrote about it on Instagram lol..but forgot to write it here…I was once the caravan out of the wind and lightning as my dogs don’t like watching a storm like I do!….not much rain though..anyway, after the storm had passed, I went outside and grabbed by phone to use the camera…it looked like the night sky was arriving in the form of a cloud blanket..amazing orange beneath black…After a walk with the dogs and admiring the amazing and ever-changing sky, I went back in the van and got into bed…For the first time in 10yrs of being single…I felt lonely…not in a sad way, but in a lonesome, missing something/someone way..which is not me at all! I slept fine and was not perturbed or worried about this during the day…

It was something…both those nights…that triggered something in me…I am not pining for lost love or lovers past…nor am I looking for someone to “fill a gap”…(people always say, when you stop looking, “HE” will turn up….well, I have not been looking for a very long time!!) Ha ha! Being single has been my choice…where was I going with this anyway…oh yes…that sky!!!!

Now, what has this got to do with art…well, you see….my art (and I can only speak for me but I know its true for most)…is in response to what goes on around me, and in me…my head is a crazy swirl of stuff and that sometimes comes out on canvas….and if I can keep it up this time…in this blog.

And I finished a painting today! But thats another story.

I have gone around in circles haven’t I…well, I need to follow that circle if you will join you back up to wherever you need to be 🙂

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