So much for blogging everyday!!!!

Well….since I last wrote…I ventured a little way out of Goodooga to a sheep station called Red Plains…spent the night there meeting some of dads family..was a wonderful time.
The next day we headed to Coonabarabran, where I met a lady I have been Facebook friends with for a year…a fellow ex defence member, raised her kiddies alone and a fellow adventurer and tough cookie…we got on really well!!!!! Spent the night there and then the next morning she took us to some sandstone caves just out of town…what a spiritual and magical place!!!! I could see faces in the stone from days long gone…incredible.
We left there and headed north…thinking we would pull up somewhere for at least one more night…but I decided with dad that we could just go home….it was only 700km after all…so we did….I think I am still tired…ahahhahahah…Have a few things to tweak in the van before I head off again….so exciting…
….since I have been home…I have seen a Kayak business in sydney with Lifewear gear custom made for them…from my connection design .What a thrill!!! Obviously I don’t make any money from this….Lifewear purchased the copyright for 2yrs, so all they make is theirs. Just proud to see my design up in a shop!!! Also talking future collaborations with this business in an exclusive manner…see what happens there!!!!

Went to church this morning with Bear…for the first time I witnessed 2 people being baptised ( I have only seen babies!)…with the full body emersion… I was mesmerised by the process, and very touched…. they showed much conviction and strength and faith…was very moving.

I think i need coffee…might come back in a minute…

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