Doors of opportunity

Got my fruit and veges done at the markets just in time to for Bear to drive us to church… today we heard from Pastor Kathy about doors of opportunity…. asking for them to be opened…asking for help in choosing…and having the faith to walk through them…knowing that on the other side, is not guaranteed an easy ride…there will still be obstacles and nothing comes easy… and understanding what stops us from walking through those doors, why we hesitate….

Well I feel I have walked through those doors…I believe the door was actually opened and I fell through when I succumbed to whatever the illness that struck me down earlier in the year….I was forced in a way to take stock of what was, what is and what could be….and then having the faith in following through…well I crawled through that door…and I am pretty much still on my knees…health wise days are getting better more frequently, and the really bad days are getting further apart… I know they are lurking though…and some days its an effort to keep going…but gee when I get going its on for young and….

….Financially, its not a wise decision to give up a steady job to go to such a sporadic income that bills are paid from savings…but its a decision I made based on faith and a dream….and because I could barely move faster than a crawl anyway…nevertheless….

I pray the doors of opportunity open for my daughters, that they can follow their dreams and not be tied to the roundabout life of “one day”….that they continue to work at being who they are and what they do, they inspire me beyond words those 2 beautiful girls…

I pray that we may be blessed with enough abundance to live comfortably, to help those in need and to continue to inspire others to follow their passions and live healthy, happy and helpful lives.

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