Contemporary Experiential Artist – Indigenous, Story Telling, Healing, Connecting to self

I really don’t like labels…as I really don’t think I actually fit any….. however sometimes you have to answer a question succinctly and with as much accuracy, about yourself, as you can….
I have had lots of reflection time in the last couple of days plus good old artistic girly talk with my actress daughter…lol…. we were discussing what I REALLY like to paint and portray…to come up with some sort of definition of “my style“…as I feel I am not “just” an indigenous artist…or maybe not “enough” of an indigenous artist…. we came up with something a little different and I don’t even really care if its not a proper word for describing art …but its more “CONTEMPORARY EXPERIENTIAL ART…. sometimes drawing on indigenous roots, always telling a story, and always based on a feeling or experience.
…. I really want to appeal to people who are attracted to a story or feeling or experience…not just someone buying something as it “goes” with their furniture.
Does that make sense?
…. I have turned to art to find myself again…after many years of being something to everyone else…. to heal with time and experience, and sharing stories.
My next exhibition at Aspire Gallery, in December, is called “Connecting“.
Can you connect to your own story?
Would love to share this story with you in Dec!
Invitations out soon, the gallery is free entry and the opening afternoon is 12 Dec, 4.30-6.30pm. (Galley otherwise is open Wed-sunday 10.30-4.30)
Come share your story with me 🙂
And feel free to buy my art if it goes with your furniture 😉

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