What now?

Exactly, what now. Its 2015, I have been remiss of late. First our family cat passed away…then my grandmother took ill and passed away….travelling interstate for her funeral….having too much time off work is not good for the bank balance…particularly just before Xmas.   My Xmas holidays were already booked, and once again, travelled interstate for a lot of fun with my whole family.  My eldest daughter H is in her final 6mths of uni…then what?  My daughter Bear has moved into YWAM for 20 mths, studying leadership and being a mentor for missions…huge stuff for both my girls.

Where does this leave me and my art….well I have a solo exhibition booked for June, and straight after that, a trek across the UK…my timing has never been great.

And  house I need to leave (long story and some memories I could do without).  I have wanderlust blood and itchy feet to move on…my job, my house.  Picture a travelling art bus….just me and my dogs and my paints.   I am just having difficulty sorting out viable options for our stuff (we are seriously downsizing already), and my daughter’s living arrangements…what to do, what to do…etc etc…I feel sick with worry actually, even though I preach don’t worry, it will all be ok. Please.

Beauty in chaos and focused wandering

“Beauty in chaos and focused wandering”… Completed and ready for exhibition next weekend at Gallery Works, Mt Tamborine. Measures 61x91cm, and has a shitload of dots. It is also, I feel, a turning point for me, in the art journey. This one not only comes from my heart, it also highlights my chaotic mind, mostly disorganised, always thinking…
… It has taken me quite some time, I started weeks ago and did bits and pieces where I could fit it in… But since our cat Muss (aka Denise) became terminally ill on Wednesday… I have probably had 3-4 hrs sleep/24hrs… Have not been to bed… Just lie on top and I paint most of the night… Looking after her and spending time with the kids as we all go through this process which has largely made us housebound. So about half of the painting has been done since Wednesday… Could have possibly spent 18hrs each day on it, apart from today which was 9…
… I am bloated, have put on weight, yes in those days… Have swollen hands and feet… And should change my clothes… Find some underclothes… Zoned in AND in caring mode, of course I put myself last. I am lucky I had days off from my full time job. The upcoming exhibition only became confirmed on Thursday… It’s been a roller coaster ride… Which is not over yet. Our Muss is slipping away, but being our little fierce possum hunting warrior that she is, she refuses to give in. She is living on air, a few sips of water, and our love. We privately call the painting “Neesey’s painting”.. It’s because of her it’s finished… It’s what I did to keep me awake and to keep me focused on things beside the unpleasant… This painting has so much of me in it, I actually don’t want to part with it. But I will, and pray it goes to a good home… Like we hope we provided Muss when we got her from a shelter 10yrs ago… The street smart cat who became a part of our family.

Check out www.facebook.com/WensartWen for pictures!


Be still for a minute my wandering mind

Why is it that my mind can’t stop turning… Wandering… Thinking.. Wondering… Searching…. Full of ideas… Finding solutions… Solving problems… Or not… .. Seeking answers…. As well as trying to function properly as a working adult/parent? Is this why I am so tired? Even my sleep is full of exploration dreams, not that I recall them all… But they are all over the place in content this I know…

…. Is this my time for “mid life crisis”?  Or is it because I am easily distracted and bored with routine… Yet I crave peace and being settled .. But I can remain focused and patient with a painting.. But impatient that I don’t have enough time to follow my passion… The “real” world always takes precedence… Why does it always have to revolve around the “right” thing to do.. Who makes those rules?

When is it the “right” time to make a change… How do you know the right time… When the dollar dictates? When the kids are settled? When it’s time to retire? I know many will answer this with “you will know when it’s the right time”…. But what if what I feel and what is “right”… Are opposing?

No rest days for the mad chicks…ok, you can have one…

Hey there! Its been a few days, but super eventful!!! Have been finishing off a commission…an owl of all things….cant help myself and he has dots too….have been trying very hard to organise my paperwork…much prefer my paints to pens, paper and paperclips…but a necessary evil!! All in my days off from my other job of course!

Have also been having fun with photo shoots of my kids with new scarves, wraps, drape tops and leggings! All of that involves more computer/uploading time and social media madness!!!! Who would have thought all this was involved when I just love painting for people?

Check out the crazy youtube clip, (see if you can spy the IT chick and the seamstress )….and encourage your family and friends to subscribe to this blog as well as the youtube channel….when the world knows about me, I will stop bugging you 🙂

What am I going to call this post?

I think I am having a day off tomorrow…does that mean I can clean and declutter another area of my house? Or do I have to sit down?

Yes Ma’am!!!


An online magazine in Sydney – an appreciating and creative bunch of contributors, I thank you for your time and journalism!!!

How exciting to see one’s words and pictures online in another “dimension”….I am a little chuffed to say the least….

This is short but oh so sweet – Thank you Sin from Yes Ma’am!

youtube baby!!

I hope I did this link right! Not the most tech savvy….an artists brain ok?

Well one of my amazing kidlets put this together for me today..just like that! I have 2 super kids, they constantly amaze me and I am so proud of both of them.

So, here is the first Wensart youtube clip. Yes, there will be more! The next one will be different again…and you just might hear me talk 🙂

This first one is a gallery type showcase, a flavour of where I have come from. From here on…its where I am and where I am going. You can come too!

I did a very long nursing shift today…and in the back of my mind…was keep going..it won’t be forever…it won’t be much longer…your efforts will pay off…one day soon…until then…have a piece of chocolate…

See you soon…mumma taxi duty calls….

Time stands still for no-one

Let me introduce myself properly….My name is Wendy, and I am an artist. I am also a mum, and I supplement my art business with being a nurse.

I have been painting for many years and have always been “creative”. Well I think so.

I know so 🙂

Whether it was on furniture, canvas, shoes, teapots, pots, plates, fabric, old ironing boards (that timber is really nice to paint on!)…or even those little country craft signs about family or having fat friends so you look skinny…I would paint on it. I even made myself a little sign that said if it doesn’t move – paint on it. I sent QANTAS a suggestion that they should look at my designs…I believe they are getting back to me 😉

This has been my hobby for many years, amongst others, but this is also my passion. Its my soul, and besides the written word, its how I express what I have inside. And now, after years of trials, mistakes, some successes, praise, criticism, I believe I have arrived at the start of the next stage. When I no longer have to supplement my income. Don’t worry Boss, I am not resigning…but I need you all to know that my art business is where I belong, and where I shall be. Very soon.

Original paintings. Limited edition prints. Chiffon scarves/wraps/caftans. Possibly fabric on canvas wall art. For the quilters – fat quarter bundles. Painting workshops in my home. Inspirational travel and philanthropy. This blog and more. So much more. My head is a spinning wheel.

Whilst I have all the time in the world to not rush, do this properly, in my time….(I need to make a little more time for that roses smelling – cue epsom salt bath in the next couple of hours – look at me setting goals!!!)…..I don’t have time to sit around and wait for “my lucky break”. I am going to make that happen. I don’t need a knight in shining armour to end my money worries. I am doing that myself. I have my own armour thank you very much. Its got paint on it.

Time stands still for no one.

The Rivers of what ifs, the tears and the promise.

Oh you got me in the middle of a painting…titled as this is…I had to stop and write, to still the chatter in my mind.
I am painting a “pretty” painting…lovely bright blues and greens…greys, blacks and white featured too. For all appearances, it would seem a happy painting…and I hope the good fairy tale does have some sort of good ending!! But its not how the painting…or the story..has always played out.
I hope that paintings stir an emotion in you, or a thought, or leave you with a good feeling…because thats how I paint for me…I wasn’t expecting though, to cry while I was painting this one…
This may or may not resonate with you, and you may think the “pretty” painting, is nice to look at, and that is all. And I am not at all bothered by that. You need to feel how you feel.

Cue Cat Stevens on my playlist!!!! Except it wasn’t the first cut, but it certainly was the deepest.

Have you thought of past, long lost loves? Thought about what if? Even if you are happy in your now, does your mind ever wander back? Or don’t you allow it? Or you may not feel the need…that would be lovely. Well mine has its wandering back moments, and what if…. and even if I know I am better as I am now, it still hurts. Can you miss someone who wasn’t right for you and has long gone? Can you still feel love but not be in love? This is making me cry…you are witnessing a chink in my armour, a glimpse of my hurt… normally I would turn this into a joke…but I won’t….
…I will paint some more now..I will show you when I am finished it….a painting of rivers of tears…of crossings crossed..tides have come and gone…the ebb and the flow…of paths travelled and to be travelled…and of the promise that there will be a happy ending.

You came back!!!!



I was wondering if you would 😉

Well I am still tired but not so emotional tonight!!! Yay!!! 6 days off!! I am like a fly in fly out nurse…except I don’t fly anywhere to work…

6 days…that could mean a lot of rest….but in actual fact…it means PAINTING! ..and WRITING!!..and 4hrs of a TAFE small business course…note to self – do your homework….and grocery shopping!!!! And a little bit of housework!!! AND spending time with my kids…thats the best bit!!

I might even have a nap.

I am getting a hair cut!!!! Oh I love that massage chair at the salon. I want to marry it.

And apparently…I should be doing a youtube video and uploading it…crikey…that could be scary.

Can you tell that my mind really has no logical thought pattern? ..its like, oh shiny thing! I can be very distracted….ALL the time…but at the same time…always focusing on the journey and the dream…see, I can’t even have a logical sentence. But you know what I mean.

Nice kitten.

The Wensart Story – wanting to be more than I am. Wanting to give all that I can. Wanting to show my girls that they can do whatever they put their minds to. Wanting to be…me.

The Wensart Story

The Wensart “blog thingy” becomes active from Oct 1, 2014.  I thank you in advance if you are still reading this. And if you finish it…I think I really like you. if you come back and follow the story, you reach legend status.

I would like to share some of my story – not because you need to know, but just because I like to talk and to write. Maybe you will even enjoy it 🙂

You might even get out of doing the dishes if you get engrossed.

Tonight is a really good time to start this actually…I am feeling a tad emotional this week, oddly enough. Maybe its something to do with the anniversary of meeting my “soul mate” as I thought at the time (I usually forget these dates but not this year for some reason)…or the anniversary that trust was taken….or maybe its because its my 45th birthday, although I am looking forward to cake….or maybe I am just a little tired from my full time job as well as the Wensart business and being mum…or maybe I just need a good sleep!! Regardless, I cannot wait till I knock off work tomorrow and have 6 days off.  You little beauty.  I have been to a canvas sale.

A contradiction of terms but I am so happy with my lot in life, and yet I have shed a couple of tears the last day or two. And again tonight when I came home from work to dinner prepared by my kids (as they usually do when I am doing my 8x10hr shifts)…..and a roll of fabric delivered to my door….6m of printed lyrca…and 18m of printed chiffon….MY lycra….and MY chiffon.  I had tears in my eyes, which silently escaped when I opened the parcel roll and began unrolling the fabric on the table. The feel of the beautiful, soft and dreamy chiffon….the sensational touch and brilliance of colour of the shiny lycra….and it was something I had created. Sure, I didn’t make the fabric…I didn’t print the fabric…and I will not be sewing the fabric (I actually would like to sell my work!)…and I won’t be uploading images or fiddling with the website, nor even adding this blog!…thats got something to do with it needing to actually happen before I turn 50, (I am not that great technically)….but I painted a painting…I took a selective photo of the right angle and light and composition….and I played with the resolution and checked out possible pattern repeats….and I decided whether or not a particular painting had a possible chance at becoming a fabric print…and THERE it was….laying out on my dining table.  Can you feel proud of yourself without boasting? I am.

And not because I am clever. Or overly talented. Or gifted. Or a business brainiac.

But because I am following my heart. Because I have a desire and a passion and I am going to give it my best shot to chase down that dream and make it reality.

This is getting a little too deep!! And not a glass of wine in sight!

I don’t sit still for long, unless painting or doing road trip, or watching Game of Thrones…and I don’t stay “less than excitable” for long either…you caught me in  a vulnerable moment…hahahahaha….and I pray you stay with me on this journey…it should be a good story…