Wensart’s Walkabout Adventure



Are you ready? I am!!! Lets do this!!! You may well ask what am I talking about….well, I am talking about going on an adventure!!!!!  Do you think I am crazy? Probably.

I am selling the house (well, as long as someone buys it!)….I am preparing anyway.  I am letting this beautiful but needing renovation home, go. Its time to move on.  This was the house of my dreams with my children’s father….this was going to be our home while the kids grew up…well…it was in the end…they just didn’t have a father here in the house. But that is another story….THIS story is about me selling it…about buying a motor home…taking my paints/dogs and hitting the road!!!!

We are working on a plan…all hinging obviously on the sale of the house.  Then renting a small unit once we have downsized…..Hannie will look after the unit…Bear will be YWAM-ing! ….and I will be heading out on small adventures…then heading south and to the west of our country…..Painting…driving…blogging…smelling the roses…the dust and the sea….

Why now? I think its the right time. The girls are needing that bit more independence…with mum not too far away….and they are not at the age/stage yet where husbands/babies etc are an option for them…so I am so far “free of the grandparent” thing!!!

My parents are still healthy and out and about…they do not need me in the carer role just yet!!!! Ok MA and PA?!?!?!?

So I reckon I have a few years (and more!) to find me in the middle of all this…. I just need time to be me. Do you think me selfish? Possibly. I do at times. And then I remind myself that I have looked after my kids for a number of years now…and I have given up quite a bit..(and would do it all again!)….I am still young enough and healthy enough to do this trip…I don’t want to look back and say, I wish I had of done that…or I should have done this before I was older/or sick/..insert an excuse/reason? Does that make me selfish. Nope I don’t think so. Life is just so short, and things can happen before you can blink, that can change your life forever. I NEVER want to regret not giving something a go.

Will you join me?


It will be fun.

And scary.

But fun.

And you can help me by heading over to https://ozcrowd.com/campaigns/wensarts-walkabout-adventure

Much love xx